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Labelle Management


LaBelle Management's Mission Statement, "To Always Do the Right Thing," is the solid foundation of this 60+ year-old hospitality company. It serves as our beacon on all decisions. Our organization strives to do the right thing whether it is for a guest, teammate, or business.  Our values strongly support LaBelle's Mission Statement. 

Backing up the Mission Statement are LaBelle's company values. Once again, the entire staff lives our values, day in and day out.

We value and are committed to:

  • Honesty, Integrity, & Respect 
  • Our Guests
  • Partnership and Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement and Commitment to Excellence
  • QSC: Quality Food, Friendly Service, Clean Environment

Our Guests:

  • We continually strive to do the right thing to satisfy our guests, both internally and externally, at a profit if we can or a loss if we must.
  • Our commitment to growth and profitability allow us to remain competitive and leaders in the hospitality industry.

Partnership & Teamwork:

  • We believe that if each employee gives his or her best, a Win/Win Partnership is formed between the employee and the company. 
  • With partnership comes accountability, holding ourselves and eachother accountable for setting and meeting goals.
  • Each individual brings unique talents and strengths to our company.  We know that coordinated joint contributions surpass individual efforts.


Culture is the backbone of Labelle Management.  We are in the people business and do everything to assure that we take care of our people, both internal and external.  Ask any one of our managers and they will tell you that it all starts with LaBelle's mission statement and values.